The security anti-counterfeit label stickers appeared in China for the first time during the mid 1980s, application areas include: alcohol, food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, Children's products, toys, clothing tag, shoes sticker, computer software and hardwares, sports products, auto parts, agricultural supplies, etc. The adhesive security sticker on commodities has a very broad market space for development in our country.
At present, the annual consumption of anti-counterfeiting labels in China is around 60 billion. According to the application, anti-counterfeiting labels can be divided into the following types.The first type: Laser hologram anti-counterfeit label sticker, which is the earliest and most widely used security label sticker in our country. And at that time, American equipments are imported for production.
The second type: Special printing labels. Such as the domestic Chinese medicine varieties protection labels, use the anti-counterfeiting plate-making technology, add anti-counterfeiting materials inside, making the forgery more difficul to do. Can also use special equipment or instrument (such as fluorescent lamps, etc.) to identify its authenticity. Its biggest advantage is that the label can be coordinated with the original packaging color, does not affect the overall design and packing appearance, convenient use, can be used as the sealing label, back cover, and can be labeled several more pieces.
The third type: Anti-counterfeiting labels with computer management information, also called telecom security anti-counterfeit label. This type labels appeared in China in 1996. Its application is similar to digital lottery, with unique codes for a products (generally, there are 17-21 digits code), all managed by the data center, can be checked and verified through various means of communication. There are four main applications at present namely: Tamper type (digital information on the second layer), scratch type, laser holographic tamper type, barcode scanning verification type.
The forth type: Self-adhesive anti-counterfeit labels with special surface material. Its surface is a kind of special materials, such as nuclear pores anti-counterfeiting technology materials, need a specific tool to identify. And of course, there are also simpler ways of identifying, such as temperature sensitive and water sensitive material.