Heat embossed Security label

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Heat embossed Security label            
Heat embossed security label film is made from Polymers . it is a smart materials that have the ability to return from a deformed state (temporary shape) to their original (permanent) shape induced by an external stimulus (trigger), such as temperature change.            
Heat embossed Security label film            
Heat embossed security label film can store embossed logo/text shape information in the synthetic-paper-like film, and release these information when exposed to 65°C heat in just seconds.            
Data Sheet of Heat embossed Security Label :            
Weight of label film:  200gram/m2±10%
Thickness of film:  0.22mm±10%
Colour and finish : white/translucent, matt
Activation temperature: 65°C, or 150°F
Activation is irreversible
SMP rolls Width: 210mm
Core diameter: 75mm


SMP label film before verification            
Embossed messages on the SMP label film after verification